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Online ordering system with online payments support

Life in plastic, it’s fantastic: in a society that cannot live without credit card payments, restaurant owners have no choice but to make sure they have a solution for their customers, especially when they are dealing with food delivery.

In our mission to support restaurant owners and to improve the ordering experience, we’ve just made our online ordering system even better: we’ve released the online payments!

How online payments work for food delivery?

Imagine the food lover John, meal-craving on the couch. He grabs the closest device and in no time, he’s looking at your menu. A few more clicks and his order got placed and paid, without even reaching out for the wallet. Few more seconds… the order is processed…and John finds out in real-time exactly when the delivery package arrives.

This is what the online orderers dream about all around the world. So we’ve made this for real. It may look easy, but it was quite challenging to get it done. There are some finishing touches that make a big difference when it comes to online ordering on website and Facebook:

  • The ordering flow has to work well on any type of device, including mobile. It has to be easy to navigate, read, and fill in the ordering form.
  • Ask the customer as little information as possible, when possible. Moreover, if the customer has ordered before, prefill the contact and delivery information.
  • Auto-Reconnect the user with his payment details PCI vaulting. In terms of security, this is state of the art. The client’s credit card information is tokenized by the payment gateway that does that PCI vaulting. We only tell the payment gateway that the customer wants to buy again (and again..:) ) with the same credit card.
  • So now that we’ve made John’s story possible, it’s worth mentioning that online payments have some more advantages for restaurants as well. You no longer need to worry about the petty bills change on delivery or sorting out alternative means for swiping credit cards somehow…somewhere. The payment is also confirmed before you even start preparing the food.

How to enable online payments in our online ordering system

You can turn on the Online Payments from the Admin Panel. Today we support the most popular credit card processors that operate in a wide range of countries more are added continuously (US, Canada, UK, Australia, most European countries, etc.). Once you sign up, you can accurately check the availability in your country from the admin area of your restaurant account.

As a restaurant owner, all you need is a merchant account at a payment gateway (like an online bank account where your money is collected). Our role is to connect the ordering system with the payment gateway of your choice. The money gets transferred from your client to your merchant account. The payment gateway will charge their typical fee per transaction, while we will only charge a fixed monthly fee, independent of the orders volume.

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